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Please visit the on line consent form site https://consent.sd62.bc.ca and complete the consent forms for the 2019/20 school year.

Please complete all forms with the exception of the FreshGrade Permission Form.  If your child’s teacher will be using Fresh Grade as an assessment tool throughout the year, they will advise you at a later date and request that you complete this consent form.

On Line Consent Directions



Registration TIP’S:

  • The consent must be completed to register your student;
  • After competing the consent you need to wait 2 or 3 days, to give our IT Department time to upload the information;
  • You must use the same email address that you have registered with the school’s student information system (you will already be getting school emails to that address);
  • Only use your child’s last name (you were provided first and last, as many parents have more than one child at the school, and the Student # is Student specific; and lastly
  • Student’s birth date.

Please let us know if you are still having issues after following these tips.

For School Year 2019/20:



Outside supervision of students is undertaken by teachers and supervisory assistants (paid adults), according to the following schedule:


 7:45 – 8:25 am  one teacher supervisor
 Recess  five teacher supervisors
 Lunch  five adult supervisors
 2:30 – 2:45 pm  one teacher supervisor

Please Note:

A teacher is on duty starting at 7:55 a.m., therefore, students should not arrive before that time as there is no direct supervision. As well, students are not to enter the school building unless given permission by a duty supervisor or teacher.

Teachers are on duty during recess both for “in days” due to weather, and outside on regular days. At lunchtime, adult supervisors monitor the classrooms while students eat their lunch (12:00 – 12:20). Any problems that arise during this time are reported to the classroom teacher or administrators.

Classes are organized based upon all available information relating to student progress. We endeavour to place students in the most appropriate instructional group.

We follow District guidelines regarding student dress. Inappropriate styles which make the wearer look unsightly or conspicuous so as to disrupt learning, are prohibited (e.g. midriff baring/revealing, drug/alcohol related, inappropriate language). Students wearing unacceptable clothing will be given a school shirt to wear for the day and reminded not to wear unacceptable clothing to school.

Many students eat lunch at school and responsible behaviour is expected. Our Pizza Program is offered on Thursdays on a pre-ordered basis. Our PAC also offers one Hot Lunch per month. Five adults supervise the hallways and classrooms during lunchtime. Student monitors assist in classrooms, Grades 1-4. Students who bring lunch are expected to remain on the property. Students who would normally eat lunch at school and who need to leave the school grounds for any reason must have a note from home giving them permission to do so.  They are also required to sign in and out at the office.

Students requiring medication for special circumstances, (e.g. allergies, migraines) must have a Request for Administration of Medication Form signed by a doctor and kept on file in the office. Two epipens are required for anaphylactic students. An authorized person will then be allowed to administer the required medication. Otherwise, no drug or remedy will be supplied to students (in particular, aspirin or any similar substances).


Students may use the phone only with the permission of the teacher and only for legitimate reasons. (Arranging to visit a friend’s house should be done before coming to school).


Many older students are bringing cellphones to school. We need to know the whereabouts and ensure the safety of your child at all times when they are in our care.
If it is necessary for your child to carry a cell phone, it needs to be turned off and kept in his/her backpack at all times throughout the school day.


Students are discouraged from bringing expensive ipods, toys, games, electronics, etc. to school because of the possibility of damage or theft. Every personal item a student has at school should be properly labeled.


The listed items are acceptable means for students to get to school. However, on school days between the hours of 8:00 am and 3:00 pm, these items are not to be ridden (or used) on the school grounds.


No Animals are allowed on school property including our soccer field.


In almost all cases, problems are most easily dealt with at the early stages.  If parents have a concern, it should be communicated right away to the person most directly involved.  At Lakewood School, our policy is:
Define who is closest to the problem (e.g. if it is a classroom problem, the teacher is the person to contact).
Contact the person and make an appointment to express your concerns and seek a solution to the problem.
If the problem is not resolved at that level, contact the Principal or Vice-Principal for assistance.
If the school administration cannot solve the problem, contact the Assistant
Superintendent (Stephanie Hedley-Smith) at 474-9800.  A brochure on “Parent Appeal Process” is available for more information.



Our District requires that students’ progress be reported to parents five times yearly.  Three of these reports must be formal, and in writing.  These reports come home in November, March and June.
In these reports students in grades 6 receive comments, letter, and effort grades (unless on an Individual Education Plan).  Students in kindergarten to grade five receive comments only.
These are two other informal reports to parents per year.  These can be done in writing, by telephone, or by appointment.  It is the teacher’s responsibility to contact the parent when reporting informally, and to log the activity in writing.
Teachers are available to discuss their students’ progress at anytime during the school year.  Just contact your child’s teacher by note or by phone to arrange an appointment.




This school has specific plans for dealing with, fire,earthquake and lockdown emergencies.  There are practice drills over the course of the year.  Please note that in the event of an earthquake/fire or other emergency, students will not be dismissed from our care until parents (or designate listed on emergency form) arrive to take them or the parent provides alternate arrangements with the school at that time.

We cannot release students to neighbours and or friends unless they are your designate emergency contact.




Lakewood has 3 parking lots; the staff parking area in the back of the school; parent parking and drop-off area, and the small parking lot off of our bus zone.  Please do not use the staff lot as all spaces are designated “reserved” for staff use, and the narrow entrance/exit make this a dangerous location when busy.  The small lot off the bus zone is for long term parking only.

Parents dropping off or picking up their chld at the parking lot are asked to establish safe routines for their children while in the parking area.  Marked walkways are to be used and the entrance and exit are not to be blocked by cars dropping students off or picking them up, especially in wet or winter weather conditions.  Please do not park in the designated bus zone or on the designated sidewalk area on Setchfield Road on the north side of the entrance.



Our mandate regarding curriculum, instructional practices, and learning resources are from the Ministry of Education.  Within the context of the curriculum, individual teachers exercise professional judgement in the selction and use of materials and in the organization of class work and assignments.  Current directions in education cannot be easily stated in a few words, but a summation from the ministry states:



–    thoughtful, able to learn and to think critically, and to communicate information from
a broad knowledge base;
–    creative, flexible, self-motivated and possessing a positive self image;
–    capable of making independent decisions;
–    skilled and able to contribute to society generally, including the world of work;
–    productive, able to gain satisfaction through achievement and to strive for physical
well being;
–    co-operative, principled and respectful of others, regardless of differences;
–    aware of the rights and prepared to exercise the responsibilities of an individual
within the family, community, Canada, and the world.