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School supply Lists 2018/2019

Families  have the option to purchase their school supplies through Staples School Tools Program. Please see the link below for more information.

To place your order  online : Staples online

Staples online ordering codes:

Kindergarten 01426E6A-40801
Grade 1 9B77C750-E0920
Grade 2 CAED6A9D-50809
Grade 3 C1044CA2-50813
Grade 4 : Option 1 ABD7392A-50817
Grade 4: Option 2 8B6FE2BC-D0902
Grade 5: Option 1 CDE8907F-C0886
Grade 5: Option 2 B67AE854-50824


Please see Spencer Middle School Website for your Grade 6 supply list, or appropriate school.