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Student Support Services



Children are referred to the Learning Assistance program by their classroom teachers if they are experiencing difficulty. Parents will be notified in the event their child is in need of this program. Culminating reports are sent to parents when the students have completed their individualized program.


Students who are experiencing difficulties academically, socially and/or emotionally, may be referred to  School-Based Team. The S.B.T. will discuss the problem with the teacher and make recommendations as to how the teacher and student might overcome the problem. Parents will be informed of the meetings and may be invited to attend. Regular members of the S.B.T. are: an administrator, the Learning Assistance and Integration Support teacher(s), the school counsellor, the school nurse, the school social worker, and parents who have concerns about their child.

Students who have been identified by the district resource team as having special learning needs benefit from additional support services. Services may include additional resource materials for the individual as well as assistance from district support personnel and/or the school’s Integration Support teacher. Identified students will have an Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) on file that is updated yearly with input from all personnel involved. Parents are a necessary partner in the implementation of IEP’s.

>Counselling Services:
A school district counsellor, Pam Copper, is assigned to the school two days per week.  We also have a School Based Social Worker, Christa Green, who works closely with us. In addition, individual and family counselling is available by referral.

>Speech Therapy

>Vision and Hearing Assessments

>Instruction for the Hearing Impaired

>Public Health Services

>Academic and Behavioural Testing and Assessment

The district psychometrician provides testing of students whose assessment requirements go beyond that provided at school by the learning assistance teacher.

>English as a second language

>School Social Worker:
A liaison between the home, school and community

>Public Health Nurse:
Our school nurse, Linda O’Sullivan, is a community health nurse. If you have any questions, please phone her at the Langford Community Health Office (519-3490).

RCMP Community Liason Officer
Our Liason Officer works with us to keep all of our students safe.  They spearhead our WITS Program for Primary students and teach the DARE Program to our Grade 6’s.  Safety talks such as Internet Safety and Halloween Safety are presented on a yearly basis.

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